Jezia Nouma

Fonder Lella Media (Tunisie)

Yassine Aabar

President of the AIC (Moroccan Citizen Initiatives Association) and founder of the Echoes of Women’s Voices project (Morocco)

Jalaa Abuarab

editor-in-chief of Dooz (Palestinian Territories)

Tala Al-Sharif

creator of Female Shimeras, the first video platform dedicated to women (Hebron, Palestinian Territories);

Myriam Angoni

Balkans Voices (Albania)

Ahmed Baider

journalist (Yemen)

Asia Ballufier

journalist at Le Monde (France)

Nelly Barret

doctoral student, École Polytechnique (France)

Teycir Ben Nasr

solutions journalist (Tunisia)

Laurent Bigot

journalist, associate lecturer at the École publique de journalisme de Tours (Public School of Journalism in Tours, EPJT, France)

Anne-Cécile Bras

RFI journalist, producer of C’est pas du vent (It’s not the wind) (France).

Thibaut Bruttin

Deputy Director at Reporters sans Frontières in charge of the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI – France);

Alexandre Capron

journalist for The France 24 Observers

Belén Carrasco Rodriguez

Centre for Information Resilience (United Kingdom)

Ung Chamroeun

editor-in-chief of Thmey Thmey Media (Cambodia)

David Chavalarias

researcher, author of Toxic Data (France)

Raphaëlle Constant

journalist at RFI

Philippe Couve

Director of Samsa Africa, (France)

Célia d’Almeida

journalist (Mali)

Aisha Dabo

Coordinator of AfricTivistes (Senegal/Gambia).

Rawan Damen

journalist, ARIJ (Palestinian Territories)

Bruno de Reviers

evaluation expert, AFD / France

Christophe Deloire

RSF (France) ;

Rahma Diaa

journalist Climate Tracker (Egypt)

Aïda Diongue-Niang

climatologist, co-author of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, (Senegal);

Rolande Djatougbe Akouvi Aziaka

journalist, (Togo);

Karim Djinko

MediaSahel for Women trainer (Canada)

Sophie Ekoué

journalist (Togo)

Rasha Faek

journalist and trainer for AFCN (Syria)

Cheikh Fall

President of AfricTivistes (Senegal)

Aude Favre

journalist and president of Fake Off (France)

Ramsey George Tesdell

founder of the SOWT platform for Arabic-language podcasts (Jordan)

Laurent Giacobino

Mediterranean Asia Director at CFI (France)

Julie Godignon

expert author of evaluation reports for CFI and Fondation Hirondelle, (Switzerland/France)

Saja H. Mortada

head of the ARIJ network of fact-checkers (Lebanon)

Pierre Haski

columnist at France Inter and President of Reporters Without Borders (France);

Béatrice Héraud

journalist and trainer, (France)

Virginie Herz

senior reporter, France 24 (France)

Hicham Houdaifa

editor and journalist (Morocco)

Steven Jambot

journalist and producer of RFI’s L’Atelier des médias (Media workshop, France).

Paul Joël Kamtchang

journalist at ADISICameroun (Cameroon)

Pierrick Judeaux

Portfolio Manager and EU Representative, International Fund for Public Interest Media.

Ange Kasongo

freelance journalist and trainer (DR Congo).

Gustave Katsuva

journalist for Congo Check (DR Congo)

Mais Katt

investigative journalist specialising in the Middle East and North Africa (Netherlands).

Malek Khadhraoui

founder of Inkyfada (Tunisia)

Malick Konaté

journalist (Mali/France)

Marthe Kra Akissi

journalist (Côte d’Ivoire)

Chine Labbé

editorin-chief for Europe at NewsGuard (United States/France);

Nina Lamparski

Head of Digital Investigation for Africa at Agence France Presse (France);

Abigail Larbi Odei

MFWA Programme Director (Ghana);

Sylvie Larrière

regional coordinator of CFI’s «MediaSahel for Women» project (Burkina Faso/France).

Tom Law

Deputy Director, GFMD, United Kingdom

Julien Le Bot

Journalist, writer-director and head of innovation at

Claire Leproust

consultant and producer at FablabChannel (France).

Michel Leroy

researcher, (France - online)

Christian Locka

investigative journalist and founder of the Museba Journalism Project, (Cameroon)

Noko Makgato

Executive Director of Africa Check, (South Africa)

Sophie Malibeaux

journalist at RFI (France)

Olivier Martinez

specialist media & AI consultant (France)

Florence Minery

Mediterranean Asia Deputy Director at CFI

Jane Moller Larsen

Head of the West Africa Department, IMS (Denmark);

Catherine Monnet

journalist, Reporters Without Borders (France).

Estelle Ndjandjo

freelance journalist (France)

Tse Nebangu

journalist at Ndefcam radio in Bamenda (Cameroon);

Moussa Ngom

La Maison des Reporters (Senegal)

Haby Niakaté

editor-in-chief of Brut Africa (France/Côte d’Ivoire)

Julien Nocetti

researcher at the Institut français des relations internationales (French Institute of International Relations) (France)

Allwell Okpi


Alpha Oumar Bagou Barry

President of the Association des Journalistes Scientifiques de Guinée [l’association des journalistes scientifiques de Guinée](Guinean Association of Science Journalists, AJSG) (Guinea);

Blaise Pascal Andzongo

Director of Edukmedia (Cameroon);

Ketsia Passou

Climate activist, UNICEF youth and young ambassador for the climate and environmental cause / DR Congo

Lauren Provost

Deputy Director of Libération (France)

Paul Radu

founder of the OCCRP (Romania)

Marianne Rigaux

journalist and educational manager at

Esson Roger Nguessan

Sciences Po Bordeaux (France)

Boureima Salouka

Faso Check and DW Akademie (Burkina Faso)

Ibrahim Samira

(journalist for Monte Carlo Doualiya)

Marie-Christine Saragosse

Chairwoman and CEO of France Médias Monde

Rooh Savar

journalist in exile and founder of Lettres persanes (Iran/France)

Sana Sbouai

editor for the Arab region, OCCRP (Tunisia/France)

Yansané Sidy

Journalist at RFI (France)

Biniam Simon

founder of Radio Erena, an Eritrean media outlet exiled in Paris, (Eritrea/France)

Stéphane Siohan

journalist and producer in Kiev (Ukraine)

Émilie Sueur

co-editor-in-chief of L’Orient-Le Jour (Lebanon)

Khaled Suleiman

specialist journalist, CFI expert (Iraq);

Victoire Tuaillon

journalist and feminist creator of the Les Couilles sur la table (Balls on the table) podcast (France)

Thierry Vallat

Chair and Managing Director of CFI.

Leon van den Boogerd

Programme Coordinator, Free Press Unlimited (Netherlands)

Henri Verdier

Ambassador for Digital Affairs, (France)

Caroline Vuillemin

Director-General, Fondation Hirondelle (Switzerland)

Chrysoula Zacharopoulou

Secretary of State to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in charge of Development, La Francophonie and International Partnerships

Kristina Zelenyuk

journalist, 1+1 TV (Ukraine)